BBQ Chicken Salad (and some avocado dressing)

BBQ Chicken Salad (and some avocado dressing)

My mommy and sister came up to Logan because Kyle and I were speaking in church. This is what we ate for dinner and man was it DELICIOUS!!
I made most of it before hand and it was ready to go after church!
You make the chicken in the CrockPot. I have included directions for the Salad, BBQ dressing, and GREEN avocado dressing
What you need

For the SALAD
  • 3 chicken breasts (boneless, skinless)
  • 2 cups BBQ sauce  (1 cup, 1 cup)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • lettuce (red, romaine, green leaf)
  • frozen corn (cooked and chilled)
  • 1 can black beans (rinsed and drained)
  • 1 cucumber (seeded and cubed)
  • 2 tomatoes (diced)
  • tortilla strips (if desired)
  • 1 green onion chopped

For the chicken: place chicken breasts and 1 cup BBQ sauce with 1/2 cup water in the CrockPot. Then, let cook 4-6 hours on LOW and shred for the salad.

For the salad: shred the lettuce, cook the corn, slice the cucumber and tomato, prepare the beans! I put all of the ingredients on a plate for serving, but could leave in bowls of tupperwares. 
BBQ Sauce Dressing 
  • 1 cup BBQ sauce
  • 1 cup ranch dressing

Simply combine the BBQ and ranch in a bowl and mix (or whisk) until blended. You can use more or less as desired, best results are obtained, in my opinion, from equal parts 

Avocado Dressing
adapted from Two peas and a pod
  • 2/3 cups olive oil
  • 1/3 cup rice vinegar
  • 1 medium shallot, copped
  • 3-4 TBSP peach jam
  • 1 medium avocado (ripe)
  • salt and pepper to taste
Put all ingredients into a food processor or blender (in my case a magic bullet). Mix until smooth. Stays good for about 5 days in fridge. 
Compile the salads and you are done! So yummy, I still think about it. :) 

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